Kyoto, Day 6: Imperial Palace

All the good things come to an end.

We loved every single day we spent in Kyoto and we’ll cherish all the souvenirs that we got from this city.

Before heading to our next stop “Hiroshima”, here are a few more tips for your discovery.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace


Kyoto Imperial Palace is not the most famous attraction. The construction is surrounded with a huge garden where locals have picnics in the summer. It is a very refreshing place during the hot days. Siitting in a tree’s shade is so relaxing.

If you feel like visiting this place you will have to register before doing the free guided tour. We decided to register on-line weeks ahead. Just be aware that there will be many people with you.Actually, it appeared to be a family-friendly attraction!

According to me, the gardens in the back are the most beautiful part of it.

If you want to apply for a visit on-line, you can do it here!

Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden

Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden


As we were wandering in the streets, we happened to find the coolest coffee-place you’ve ever seen! (To understant how cool this place is, I have to tell you that I do not like coffee. We just stopped there since we were a little tired from our previous walk.)

It was 11.30 am and it looked like the store just opened. As I sneaked my head inside the room, the waiter aware me “coffee only!” Well, since I REALLY needed a rest and my boyfriend was craving for coffee, we made a stop.

❤ We had a crush for this place, that was a unique experience while in Japan: Coffee Senmon Jugem!

Coffee Senmon Jugem Kyoto

Coffee Senmon Jugem Kyoto


The menu is pretty simple: coffee only. Since we are not coffee fans, we just had the first on the list for 600 yens.

What I previously called a waiter, is actually more a coffee master! He was baking something while we read the menu. After he picked our order, it took him around 20 minutes to prepare it. We contemplate every single move: it’s impressive how caring he was about making this coffee.

In our cup, a brown liquid that I never tasted before. I was saying to myself  “this is probably the beverage they pour to angels in heaven”.

As a conclusion: Either, I never had coffee before, or, this was not coffee! 😉

Funny story: two days later, we were watching Japanese TV in our hotel, and there was a television report about the best coffee places in Kyoto (that’s what we figured) and this place was featured!

I really admire the place, the character and the beverage! Whenever you can, make a stop there!

Coffee Senmon Jugem

The filter is made with a flannel fabric


Another great tip for lunch in Gion, is the restaurant Gion Tanto. We had to wait a little since the restaurant was packed. The lady who served us did not speak English but hopefully, there was a Chinese gentleman who spoke both Japanese and English. There is an English menu and the restaurant cooks a whole bunch of Japanese specialties from noodles to pancakes (okonomiyaki).

The restaurant is ideally located just right by the little river which crosses Gion and if you get lucky, you can sit just by the window with a beautiful view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the night comes, we do recommend a walk around Pontocho. The architecture of this place is so unique. What I like about these  houses, which are all closed and opaque is the mistery drifting around. Such a special ambiance! Hopefully, you’ll get to see a real geisha.

Wandering Pontocho

Wandering Pontocho

As we wanted to get a night drink, we were told there was a nice bar with a view at the Okura hotel called Orizzonte lounge. Funny they used the word “lounge” since to me, it looked more like a breakfast room with no light where you get expensive drinks. Moreover, since we went there late at night, we couldn’t admire the view. So this place was definitely not our best pick!

Orizzonte Lounge, Kyoto

Orizzonte Lounge, Kyoto


This is it for our Kyotoite journey! Tomorrow we are heading to Hiroshima! Check our tips here.

You can also check ourr Japanese trip at a glance here!

Hope this helps!!!


3 thoughts on “Kyoto, Day 6: Imperial Palace

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  3. You might want to check some spellings. Its a well done descriptive piece you have written here. I would certainly visit the places you have mentioned if I ever go to Kyoto. Keep it up.


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