Feel like walking along a beautif beach where the only thing you can see around is sand and the ocean?

Bentota should be your best choice!

Bentota, Sri lanka

Bentota, Sri lanka

1- Housing

Vivanta By Taj is a fabulous hotel! Ideally located just by the ocean, you can walk to the beach in a minute. If you feel like tanning by the swimming pool, you can just relax in one of their comfy matresses.

The water is sooo hot. I could stay there for hours.

The hotel is awesome: I totally loved the common spaces. Our room (109) had been recently renovated with a nice outdoor space.

The breakfast and lunch were both delicious and the staff were the nicest people I’ve met.

Totally loooved this place and would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling there!

2- Eating

We had all our meals served at the hotel restaurant. I was impressed with the variety of the buffet for lunch and breakfast. Everything I tasted was fresh and very tasty.

For dinner, we had lobster served by the beach, it was really well cooked. All our group had then the chance to throw this flying lanterns on the beach.

3- Activities

Within 48 hours spent in Bentota, we did not get the chance to experience many activities since we also needed to take a rest. So, most of the time we just stayed by the pool.

Nevertheless, not very far from the hotel, there is a turtle conservation and research center called “Victor Hasselblad” in the city of Kosgoda.

The gentleman who hosted our group was extremely nice and explained  the way they work. We got to touch the turtles and even grab a 10-kg  turtle! This makes unforgettable souvenirs.

I hope you enjoy your trip!


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