Kyoto, Day 3: Haru Cooking Class

This is our 2nd day in Kyoto and we scheduled some serious activities!

Ginkakuji Temple, Silver Pavillion, Kyoto

Ginkakuji Temple, Silver Pavillion, Kyoto


One of the highlights of the city, and probably one the most magnificent places on Earth is the Ginkakuji Temple.

I have never been a big “gardens” admirer… To me, this was more a “thirs-age” hobby! However visiting the Silver Temple, totally changed my opinion!

The entry is 500 yens and if you get there early, you’ll get even more chances to be alone on your selfie picture! 🙂

Kyoto Japan

Silver Pavillion



Right by the temple, you can take a walk to the Philosophy Path: we did not make it til the end but enjoyed our 30-minute walk in this zen atmosphere!


Philosophy Path

Philosophy Path

Get back to the city centre by bus and head to Nishiki Market. We were there on a Sunday and most of the stores were open.

Here, you can taste the products on the display. I prefered the pickles stores as well as the yakitori places: they’re so different from what we are used to see!

I bought some sesame crackers: easy to carry and you can store them for a long time.

Nishiki Market Kyoto

Nishiki Market Kyoto


All this food opens one appetite: time to go for Haru Cooking Class!

We chose this activity because we love cooking and we had a wonderful time in Thaïland with our cooking class in Koh Phangan. Since Haru cooking class is ranked best activity in Kyoto, we thought we couldn’t be disappointed.

You have several options which include Kobe beef or vegetarian meal. We were a group of 6 from California, Singapour and Paris and we had the course with Kobe beef.

The class starts at 2 pm and Taro welcomes you at the bus stop before taking us to his house.

I was so happy with the organization of this class: the group is small enough so we can ask as many questions as we want, Taro is one of the nicest persons I met! Everyone gets to prepare something and everything we did was great!

Dashi, Ponzu, Miso soup, Japanese omelet as well as Kobe beef have no more secrets for us.

After the class, we got to enjoy our meal with the group and we cheered with a glass of sake.

Taro, if you read this, many many thanks for your warm welcoming: we loved to meet you and your family!

Haru Cooking Class

Haru Cooking Class



As the night was falling when we left Taro’s house, we headed to Shimbashi Geisha District to grab a drink or two. It is a great place to walk at night, and you might get the chance to spot a real geisha!

Geisha in Shimbashi

Geisha in Shimbashi


That’s it for today. Time to get some rest for our 4th day in Kyoto.

Our tour Japanse tour at a glance here!


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