Japan: a fabulous journey

Just came back from an AMAZING 17-day trip in Japan.

Every single day we spent there, we were thinking to ourselves “we are so lucky to be here“.

We lived many adventures and enjoyed every single moment. Not only because of the beauty of the country, but also because we worked like crazy to organize and schedule every day.

Akihabara Tokyo Japan

Akihabara, Tokyo: modern and traditional in one shot!

So here are a few tips: hope it helps preparing your upcoming trip!

1. Flight


To travel on a budget but with great service, we booked through Qatar Airways . I love travelling with them: the service is always very caring, the planes are pretty new and you can even cheer with champagne in economy class.

So, since we travelled with Qatar for our last year trip to Thailand, we recived by email their special offers and we manages to fly to Tokyo for 550€.

At this price, of course you have to expect transsfer in Doha. Another tip: the earlier you book, the best rates you can get!

If it’s ok with you travelling with any company and having long waiting times during transfers, you can also get cheap rates last minute.


2. Japan Rail Pass


We were so glad we bought a Japan Rail Pass before travelling to Japan. You have many ways to get them.

Since we live in Paris, we decided to buy through “Vivre le Japon“. I think they get the best prices and it’s also great to go to their agency and have a talk with the folks working there who can shaare great advice about your trip.

They give away free maps and a lot of useful information.

If you wanna take a look at the train timetables, you should check this hyperdia link.

We exchanged our JR Pass at the airport and activated it immediatly to get the Narita Express to Tokyo.


3. Scheduling your trip


I had two concerns before leaving

1: not going to the most beautiful places

2: getting lost while going to the mosst beautiful places


So I prepared a kind of road book which aimed to

1: schedule visits to the most beautiful places day by day

2: and I printed through Google Maps hos to get from one place to another (this was soooooo helpful).


Geisha Kyoto Japan

Cute little Geisha, Kyoto

To help me choosing places to visit, activities, places to go, I read:

Lonely planet guide: we did not used this book much while on trip since it’s heavy to carry

Cartoville Tokyo: I have been very disappointed lately with this little French guides. It’s not  updated regarding the restaurant options

Wallpaper city guide Tokyo: well, take the most expensive places of Tripadvisor and you get the same for free!

Tripadvisor was very helpful to choose hotels

– I also read this very useful blog for Kyoto, written by Chris Rowthorn who is so knowledgeable about this city. Totally loved it!


4. Ready to go!


Yep, totally ready to go, after months of preparation, this was our tour!  I’ll write different articles for every city.

Tokyo, Day 1: Shibuya Crossing

– Kyoto, Day 2: Kiyomizu-dera temple

– Kyoto, Day 3: Haru Cooking Class

– Kyoto, Day 4: Inari Shrine

– Kyoto, Day 5: Arashiyama

– Kyoto, Day 6: Imperial Palace

– Hiroshima, Day 7: Memorial Peace Museum

– Myiajima, Day 8: First Ryokan Experience

– Osaka: 2 fantastic days

– Day 12 to 17: Tokyo


Temple Tokyo Japan

Temple Tokyo Japan


I hope this helps. Have a great stay!


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