Tokyo, Day 1: Shibuya Crossing

After 20 very long hours spent in 2 Airbus…

It’s 7pm, we are Friday and I just land in Narita airport.

Jingumae, Shibuya Tokyo

Jingumae, Shibuya Tokyo

Since there were many Japanese residents in our plane, we went pretty fast through the customs. And by chance, we found the JR office in a snap of fingers.

We only waited few minutes for the Narita Express. It took an hour to get to Shinagawa and the JR train took us to Harajuku in 20 minutes. Actually, almost too easy for us!




We had only one night to spend in Tokyo, before getting to Kyoto, so we chose a central option. According to Tripadvisor and, Dormy Inn Shibuya was the best pick.

It’s something like a 10-minute walk from the Harajuku station (especially if you’re carrying luggage with you). Thanks to the big sign on the street, we got there without getting lost.

Before our arrival, I emailed several times the concierge to get information and I have to admit the staff was very helpful and answered quickly (wich was not the case of some other places where we went).

The lobby is welcoming. The rooms are small but comfy! Didn’t try the onsen but I think it’s great that a 3-stared hotel in the middle of Shibuya offers this option.

Breakfast was excellent and you can’t beat the location!

Last but not least: the hotel offers free nooddles from 9pm: how cool is that?

2. Restaurant


We had this thing before leaving: looked for all the street-food options that we had, since we believe it’s a great way to meet with locals and live unique experiences!


There is a very famous street-food place very close by.  One of these places not for tourists, where only insiders can be spotted…

Since there are no street signs, there is a risk to walk around without finding the place. So here is a tip for you: when you look for Nonbei Yokocho, try to find  the main Lindt store and the street is just right by!


Nonbei Yokocho, Shibuya Tokyo

Nonbei Yokocho


Unfortunately, as appealing as it seemed, it was not ok to get there by 10pm: since a restaurant can welcome up to 6 people around his table, not a single sit was available for us.

So we headed to a regular  Izakaya which seemed to have an English sign and we finally enjoyed some yummy food!

Loved the yakitoris there: so good!

Before getting to sleep, we HAD TO go back to Nonbei Yokocho. We stopped at a bar called “Tight” which was AWESOME!

I loved this place! It’s so small, you keep staring all around you and try to figure how could the owner make such a great thing out of this tiny place?

As we entered, a geisha was leaving her sit and few seconds later, we were served a delicious moscow mule!

The owner is the sweetest person, it was a delight to disscuss with him: we had many tips for restaurants in Tokyo.

This place made our first night a big hit! If I had to recommend a great place around Shibuya, it would totally be Tight!

Now time for some sleep! Tomorrow, we’re heading to Kyoto!

To check our Japanese tour at a glance, go here.


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