Paris est magique!

Looking for THE romantic escape?

There is no better place than the French capital to seduce or being seduced…




1- Hotel


Hotel Edouard VII  is perfectly located in the city center: only few steps away from the subway or RER  Opera station. The lobby is so chic! The rooms are very large and decorated with taste.

If you are lucky, you might have a room with a small balcony from which you can admire the Opera Garnier. Also loved the large bathroom which features a shower and a bath!

Breakfast was good and the staff is nice (compared to Parisian standards!).

2- Restaurants


Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here: from a budget to big spender, Paris has a large offer for food lovers!

My first pic is Barber Shop! I love this laid-back place, totally reminded me of New York coolest bars. You’ll go there to drink a mojito, grab a burger, dance on Friday and Saturday nights or even have brunch! There is such a great atmosphere here.

Barber Shop Paris

Barber Shop Paris


If you like French tapas or finger food, I would suggest “Le petit pan” which has recently been open by my favorite chef: Benoît Gauthier. I discovered him at his restaurant “Le Grand Pan” which is just across the street.

I love both places. Anytime I want to indulge myself with a great meal or if you ask me which is the best value for money restaurant in Paris, I would answer Le Grand Pan. Everytime I recommended it, people have been delighted whatever their age or naitonality!

The ingrediennts are fresh and Benoit only works with the best suppliers. You will be charmed with its real bistro ambiance.

I’ll give ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  to Le Grand Pan and Le Petit Pan.

Please make a reservation, since it’s always packed!


Petit Pan Restaurant Tapas Paris

Petit Pan Restaurant Tapas Paris


I also have a passion for Japanese food, so every time I miss my trip to the country of the rising sun, I head to Rue Saint Anne! You will find many Parisians there, especially for lunch. If you have little time for diner, it’s also a great option.

It’s hard for me to pick an address: I love Higuma for their ramen as well as Noodles. If you are an okonomiyaki fan, then go to Aki.



If you want to mingle with French people after work, you should go to “Le Comptoir de l’Arc” located only few steps from Les Champs Elysées. This place is not about the food but great for drinks and meeting people.

Other similar address in the 6th disrtict, is “La Palette”. There is nothing special about this place except from their terrasse, but it’s ALWAYS overcrowded with cool kids! I have the feeling that all the American exchange students meet there.

For a special occasion, you will be delighted to go to the restaurant L’Arôme . Located in the trendy 8th district, that’s a place to impress!

The chef, Thomas Boullault did an amazing job here!  I loved the way he cooked lobster with veal juice, it was very surprising. The saint jacques were delicious and the dessert astonishing!

No doubt, this place deserves its michelin star!


Bon appétit!

To grab a cocktail or just to relax after your day, there is this place called “Le Forum” close to Madeleine. It has this “speakeasy” ambiance that I loooove.

The waiters/cockatil masters/mixologists look very professional and they surprise me every time. The list is extensive and my favorite is by far the Moscow Mule!

Bar Le Forum

Sipping my drink at the bar

In the 6th district, there is the Speakeasy” bar. I also love it: perfect location, awesome atmosphere and delicious cocktails. All you need for a perfect evening!


3- Activities


You will read everywhere about the Louvre, Notre-Dame and all these museums you can visit in Paris.

I would like to share some places I particularly appreciated and made me enjoy dearly this city.

On top of all, I loved wandering Parisian passages. They are so beautiful! I loved staring at the displays of these vintage stores. There is really something special when you go there.

Passage des Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy, Passage Verdeau, Galerie Vivienne, Galerie Véro-Dodat, Galeries du Palais Royal…. All these have great spots for striking the pose. If you have time for shopping, my female readers will love the Christian Louboutin store at Galerie Vero-Dodat as well as the Serge Luttens fragrance store in Galeries du Palais Royal.

Whereas gentlemen will love visiting Caves Legrand in the passage Vivienne. If you are a wine-lover, this is the place to go. They only reference the best wineries.

Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens store


Le château de Versailles, is a fantastic place to visit, especially during summer when they do the Fountains show. The gardens are breathtaking!

It’s 30 minutes far from Paris but definitely worth a tour…

If you like theater, there is this show “How to become a Parisian in One Hour”.  There were 95% of tourists in the room and Olivier Giraud did great caricatures. Since I am not French, it made me laugh. My boyfriend was not keen on it!

If by any chance you understand French, I do recommend this play “Thé à la menthe ou t’es citron. It has been on the boards for years and sincerely, I laughed from the beginning til the end!

Crazy Horse is an institution in the capital! We saw the show recently: there were half men half women in the cabaret. It lasts for one hour and a half: the choreography rocks, there is so much work on the lights and the costumes.  Compared to “Moulin Rouge” I prefered Crazy Horse thousand times!

Pretty sure the girls from Panic Rabbit would agree with me 🙂

Crazy Horse Paris

Crazy Horse Paris



I hope you find some useful information here and that you will enjoy your stay in Paris as much as we love living here.

If you have any questions (or suggestions), please feel free to get in touch.


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