Kandy was our first stop in Sri Lanka.

It is an astonishing place full of surprises and beauty.

Sri lanka Kandy

Sri lanka Kandy


1- Housing


We were hosted at Amaya Hills Kandya nice 4-star hotel with a beautiful view!

The room was… ok. You can not expect the same European standards for a 4-star place but in the meantime, people are so nice that we ended up finding everything very cute!

Every night, the room service came over to prepare our bed and carefully wrote “Good Night” with flowers. A very sweet attention.

Breakfast was delicious and so were the cocktails at the bar.



2  – Eating:

All our meals were prepared by the hotel: the food was really good and the curries were not that hot 🙂


3- Activities:


When you go to Kandy, the first thing you have to visit is the Temple whom hides Buddha’s tooth.

We had a very interesting guided tour and it felt great to visit this place since it was so hot outside. Just be careful to take little socks with you: you will be asked to remove your shoes to walk inside the temple and the floor is burning!


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Visiting a local market is always exciting and a great way to find out how people live. It is unfortunate to say bu I wish to find the same nice people here at home: everybody was smiling to us, striking the pose, dancing with fish or with huge cucumbers! We had a lot of fun.


Visiting a Tea Factory is a unique experience that one must do when visiting SRI LANKA! It is actually the birth place of Lipton! We went to Loolecondera Estate WON DER FUL!



Last but not least, we had the amazing chance to visit the Millenium Elephant Foundation. It was great to get so close to the elephants! We got to touch them, bath, feed them. We even assisted at an elephant race. It was so cool: I will cherrish this moment for a long time.


Enjoy your trip!


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